Image Guidelines

Here at YourFutCard we aim to give your card the best look possible, but this can only be achieved by being provided the best quality of image possible to us.

Here are some simple steps to help you provide the best image possible:


1. When you upload your image please do not crop, stretch or adjust the image yourself using your phone or any other app.

2. Please send us the full image, our designers will crop the background and get the image to the correct size for the card.

3. Do not take a screen shot from your phone and download it via apps like Watsapp, these programs shrink the image quality, the best way to send us an image is upload directly from your phones photo album, if you have to move images from one place to another, we suggest emailing them to yourself and then downloading them to your PC/Mobile as this will keep the quality of the image.

4. Please do not upload images with the person you wish to be on the card covered by people or objects, taking a picture of the image you want with your phone is also not the best way to get a good quality picture.


If you are unsure we are available here

Twitter : @Your_fut_Card

Instagram : Your_fut_card_

Email :


Please contact us and ask us about your image.