The 5 Best Gifts for Football Lovers 2022

Football Lovers are arguably the easiest people to buy for, right? That's how most people feel but in reality, it can prove to be a lot more difficult that people first imagine. So we are going to outline 5 of the Best Gifts you can get for Football Lovers in 2022!


Best Gifts for Football Fans

1. Customised Real Life FIFA Card 

FIFA is the most popular Football Game out there! With millions of players each day, it is almost a guarantee that your football loving gift receiver has played it at least once! One of the most cool aspects of FIFA is the thousands of different cards available to play with, with each player having multiple versions in different colours and card types. It is definitely one of the best gifts for a football lover!

 You can buy the cards for as cheap as £7.50! You are able to customise the image, name, stats, badge, flag and pick the card design yourself! Not to mention the ability to upgrade to larger sizes (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1) and even upgrade to a Metal card!
Buy your custom Real Life FIFA card here


 2. Favourite Goal Illustration Print

Every football fan has a favourite goal! Why not get your football lover their favourite goal, reimagined in an ilustrated, modern art print?! Goals are iconic, and there are not better ways to remember THAT goal, than with these foamex prints
Buy your favourite goal print here


3. Favourite Player Art Piece Print

Similarly, every football lover has a favourite player! These artistic prints, with modern illustrated designs, make the perfect gift! Choose from past and present footballers, with new players being added weekly, to find the perfect player for you! 

Buy your player prints here


4. Custom Flag Creator

Football lovers LOVE flags! How often do you go to a football match and see no flags? NEVER! This customisable product, allows you to create your flag, exactly as you want it! With your own images, text, patterns, you name it! The flags are also available in 5 sizes, going up to as big as 10 foot wide! 

Buy your custom flags here


5. Player Moments Prints with Commentary

Commentary makes football goals even more iconic! Every football lover has likely screamed GERRARDDDDD when about to strike a ball, and everyone knows the infamous AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO moment! So why not relive these commentary masterpieces, through our custom football player moments prints! Available in 5 sizes, ranging up to as big as A1, these prints are perfect for any football lover!  

Buy your custom player moments with commentary prints here

The Wrap Up: Best Gifts for Football Lovers

So there we have it! The 5 Best Gifts to buy for Football Lovers in 2022! We are sure they will love each and every one of them, whichever you choose! Make sure to tag us on social media, we would love to see their reaction! Check out the rest of our site for even more gift options for football, and non football, lovers! 


    Written by Josh Band from A Backpacker's World
Josh writes about his travels in South East Asia along the Banana Pancake Trail and in Central America along the Gringo Trail